ICDiplomacy Internships

ICDiplomacy provides internships to current students or recent graduates interested in gaining professional experience in the field of diplomacy, international relations, or peace and conflict studies and negotiation. In this context of diplomatic work, interns are provided training in communication technologies, web designing, video and photo editing, video conferencing and live broadcasting. Though working on current high level of crises is suggested, interns may select any conflict regions to focus on that are related to their specializations or interests.

By utilizing ICDiplomacy’s network of diplomatic contacts, interns organize discussions between people in conflicting countries from all walks of life, from social justice activists to high profile officials. With the assistance of the ICDiplomacy team, interns put theory into practice by accomplishing the following items:

– directly communicate with conflicting parties, organize and set agendas for diplomatic discussions
– use various communication technologies to facilitate online discussions between civil societies, academics, NGOs, former or current diplomats, and official advisors
– research and publish articles, or co-author articles with diplomats, on creative solutions to conflicts
– contribute to project meetings and work on joint projects with other interns or diplomatic personalities on resolving conflicts
– gathering media attention towards your diplomatic efforts
– acquire cross-cultural skills for working and interacting in an international setting

Interning from Around the World

As ICDiplomacy is an international organization, all of its training and operations are done using online communications. This provides interns the opportunity and convenience to work from home while being directly involved in conflict negotiations between conflicting parties.

Internships Discussion 1
Internships Discussion 2

Letters of Recommendation

Interns that have organized discussions between conflicting parties and have contributed creative solutions are awarded with a letter of recommendation from the director. Notable work by interns that succeeds in fostering continued dialogue among conflicting parties gaining some media attention is recognized through a letter of recommendation from senior foreign service officers or diplomats working with ICDiplomacy.

Apply for Internship

To apply for internships, please email director @ icdiplomacy.com.

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