The individuals listed below participate in diplomatic processes as independent experts and do not speak on behalf of any government or organization.

Canadian Coordinators
Adnan Zuberi, B. Math (U. Waterloo), B. Ed (U. Toronto)
Director, ICDiplomacy
Citizen Diplomat; Member, Science for Peace; NATO Council of Canada
Toronto, Canada
Email: director @

Theodore (Eric) Gallo-Miscevich
Junior Research Fellow on International Affairs, ICDiplomacy
Student of International Development and History, Queen’s University

Student Diplomats

Olivia Prosser
Student Diplomat, ICDiplomacy
MA Student, Diplomacy and International Law, Lancaster University
UK and China

PROJECT: Ukraine Crisis Nonviolence Bond (Independent Volunteers)
Olga Stoliarchuk
Citizen Diplomat

Aila Lonka
Citizen Diplomat

Kasper Worm-Peterson
Citizen Diplomat

Adnan Zuberi
Citizen Diplomat

Former / Current Panelists
United States
Sergei Konoplyov
Director, Black Sea Security Program, Harvard University
NATO Fellow and Ukraine National Security Advisor

Volodymyr Panchenko
Senior Advisor, Ukraine Ministry of Economics and Trade
Former Director, International Centre for Policy Studies
Former Director, National Space Agency of Ukraine

Alex Ryabchyn
Member of Parliament of Ukraine
Economist and Investigative Journalist

Yury Morozov
Professor and Chief Researcher, Russian Academy of Sciences
Former Colonel of the Russian Armed Forces and UN Military Observer

Vladimir Kozin
Chief Advisor, Russian Institute for Strategic Studies
Missile Defense Expert Counsellor to the Russian Presidential Administration
Professor, Russian Academy of Military Sciences
Former Senior Diplomat and OSCE Regional Director

Tom Switzer
Researcher, U.S. Studies Centre of Sydney University
Contributor, Wall Street Journal

Diplomatic Moderators
Walter Dorn
UN Expert Panelist, Technology & Innovation in UN Peacekeeping
Professor, Royal Military College of Canada
Fmr. UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations Advisor

Barry Shainbaum
Canadian Author and Radio Broadcaster

Advisory Committee 

General Bernard Norlain
Five-star Air Force General (Ret.)
Honorary President, Comité d’Études de la Défense Nationale
Former Adviser, Prime Ministers Jacques Chirac and Michel Rocard
Recipient, National Order of Merit and the Legion of Honour, France
Paris, France

Ambassador Edward L. Peck
Former U.S. Chief of Mission to Iraq and Mauritania
Former Deputy Director, White House Terrorism Task Force
Maryland, USA

Terry E. Arnold
President-Elect, Continuing Education, University of Wisconsin Stevens Point
Former U.S. Senior Foreign Service Officer in Egypt and Syria
Former Chairman, International Studies, U.S. National War College
Former Counter-terrorism Deputy Director, U.S. State Department
Wisconsin, USA

Peter D. Scott, PhD
Former Diplomat, Department of Foreign Affairs, Canada
English Professor Emeritus; Peace & Conflict Studies Co-founder at
University of California, Berkeley
California, USA

Walter G. Pitman, Officer of the Order of Canada
President Emeritus, Ryerson University
Former Director, OISE, University of Toronto
Toronto, Canada