Crimea and Canada’s Role in Ukraine

By Eric Gallo-Miscevich

An E-Diplomacy Effort Between Ukrainian, Russian and Canadian Experts

An E-Diplomacy Effort: Panel Reflections

By Adnan Zuberi, August 10, 2015



Fostering communications and negotiations among youth in Ukraine, Russia and the West

By Olga Stoliarchuk, April 27, 2015

Youth constitute the largest part of the population in many regions, thus the role of youth in recent globalization and cross-border processes is now more crucial than ever. Youth all over the world are not only contributing to the world everyday, but they are also playing in invaluable role in building bridges across communities, working together and helping to manage global and local conflicts, as well as promoting peace.

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The War in Ukraine

By Anastasia Popova, April 23, 2015

Do you remember that episode from “Forrest Gump”, when at an anti-war gathering next to the Lincoln Monument Forrest has started to speak passionately about the War in Vietnam and the sound went out while he had his say?

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Ukraine-Russia-West Conflict: Citizens Bypassing Official Channels Using Technology to Connect Conflicting Parties

By Adnan Zuberi, March 23, 2015

How did ordinary citizens organize live diplomatic broadcasts between:

  • An Ukrainian national in Kyiv that is a journalist and now an elected MP,
  • Canada’s military college defense chair and UN peacekeeping panelist, and
  • a former diplomat and advisor to the Russian Administration on missile defense?


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