ICDiplomacy stands for International Channels for Diplomacy. As an NGO that works with civil societies and official advisors, it provides live diplomatic communications between conflicting parties to deescalate conflict and restore peaceful relations.

Civil societies around the world can now be involved and connected as viewers can submit comments or questions to panelists in real-time. Registered civil society organizations may serve as direct participants in the conversation as well.

ICDiplomacy seeks to go beyond providing a central channel for multitrack diplomacy by establishing communications between the civil society of one country and the government of another country when both countries are heading towards conflict (i.e., American civil society communicating in a live broadcast with Iraqi officials in the presence of former diplomats or a third party country to establish peace and prevent the possibility of an invasion). This new approach is needed as official diplomacy between governments can be ineffective.

The goal is to lead the relevant parties towards continued dialogue with the support of former diplomats and the international community. We invite you to this important global initiative.

– ICDiplomacy